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The health implication of fungal contamination of indoor air has become an issue of increasing concern. Awareness of the effects of mold on building occupants has increased with reports of illnesses attributed to mold contaminated buildings. There are many questions related to the effects of indoor mold exposure and the methodology used to investigate and remediate mold contamination.

Environmental Management Services, Inc. (EMSI) provides various support services related to the evaluation and identification of mold contamination, remediation consultation. Our capabilities include substrate and airborne mold sampling.

Our approach is to identify the underlying causes of the mold contamination and to develop methodology for preventing its regrowth. Environmental sampling may be used in the investigation and remediation phases of the project, but it is not always a standard element of an investigation. When needed, we use a variety of sampling methods and instrumentation to quantify the concentration and/or to determine which species are present. We will work with the client to develop remediation protocols and specifications, and monitor the remediation contractor's activities for compliance with protocols and specifications. Our goal is to resolve the contamination/growth problem in as little time and expense as possible.

Remediation is defined as the treating, containment, removal or disposal of mold or fungi. Since growth usually occurs due to water intrusion, the investigation, Will include an attempt to determine the cause of the intrusion. All procedures and tasks associated with investigation and remediation will be conducted using prudent and accepted practices. If the building occupants or owner cannot safely conduct remediation, a suitable contractor will be recommended.

EMSI personnel providing mold related services have conducted numerous investigations into building-related mold contamination and have developed specifications for mold remediation projects for commercial and residential buildings. EMSI personnel working on these types of projects are certified industrial hygienists (CIH) and safety professionals (CSP).

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