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Chemical / Hazardous Waste

EMSI is your single source for management and disposal of all types and quantities of hazardous chemical waste whether lab pack, bulk drums or tanks.  Our turnkey service includes but is not limited to:
    Waste characterization, collection, consolidation, and packing

    Laboratory Chemical collection, management, segregation and lab packing by our Enviro Chemists and Technicians

    Develop and administer a site waste management program

    Certified analytical services for yearly characterization purposes

    Weekly Enviro Technician service to collect, consolidate, pack and manage waste at your site

    Labeling of all containers

    Inventory, approval, and manifesting of all waste containers

    Supply of replacement containers and packing materials

    Electronic tracking of all waste activity (profiles, shipments and manifests)

    Preparation of reports required by your organization as well as by law

    Waste minimization programs

    Chemical Decontamination

    Stabilization of reactive chemicals

    Identification of Unknowns     
Commonly handled chemical waste:
Listed wastes
Characteristic waste
Wastewater sludge
Reactive Chemicals and Reagents 
Universal Wastes
Highly toxic materials

Mercury and Mercury Debris
Oils and solvents
Lab Chemicals
Contaminated Soils and Debris
Controlled Substances
Mixed Waste

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