Recycling & Shredding

EMSI is committed to environmental stewardship through the recycling programs we offer. Recycling and beneficial reuse are key elements to your successful environmental management program. Not only does this reduce the dollars your company puts out, but it is also the environmentally responsible and correct thing to do.

EMSI provides significant savings to generators and minimizes the amount of hazardous waste for disposal by recycling solvents, universal waste (ie. batteries, bulbs, mercury, and household pesticides), electronic scrap (ie. computers, screens, TVs, and electronic/audio visual cables), and metal scrap (ie. dismantled and drained machinery). We can also work with you to design and implement a recycling and beneficial reuse program for your facility.

EMSI also provides secure and safe shredding of your confidential information as a one time service or as a regular, ongoing service.

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