Field Services

EMSI provides a full line of services at your location for any need that may arise. We have a team of up to 36 fully trained and organized specialists to respond to your needs, including emergency spill response. In an emergency, we can respond in as little as one hour from the initial dispatch to any facility within a 50 mile radius.

We provide trained, experienced staff to create, maintain, and expand your custom tailored  environmental, health, and safety (EHS) program to reduce the daily burden at your site, increase your productivity, reduce your liability, and minimize your exposure.

Decontamination & Industrial Cleanup

EMSI decontamination services group uses the most efficient and environmentally friendly techniques to remove all types of contaminants from your facility. We have removed chemical, biological, radioactive contaminants, and trash and debris from hundreds of facilities over the years in all types of working conditions.

Some examples are as follows:

  • Chemical and biological cleaning of labs and research facilities
  • Cleaning of tear gas at crime scenes
  • Pressure washing
  • Decontamination of equipment (refrigerators, freezers, incubators, centrifuges, etc.) NOTE: This service includes removal of refrigerants from equipment
  • Manual decontamination of sensitive equipment
  • Vacucuming of liquids and solids
  • Mercury decontamination
Our fully stocked, dedicated hazmat unit is equipped with an on board generator, lights, Level A–D, personal protective equipment and a wide array of other tools and specialized equipment.

Chemical & Equipment Relocation

EMSI is an industry leader in providing chemical relocation services to facilities both large and small. Over the past few years, EMSI has conducted the successful relocation of over 1 million chemical bottles and containers from various facilities.
All chemicals are segregated and packed according to DOT transport regulations, as well as to your needs. Chemicals can be segregated according to your needs and EMSI will unpack all relocated drums if by request.
Our staff of Enviro Chemists and Technicians can assist you in DOT segregation if you want to package a small, limited quantity on your own, or manage the relocation from start to finish.
EMSI's technical relocation expertise and experience extends to temperature infectious materials as well as radioactives.
EMSI maintains a fleet of trucks to move your chemicals, equipment and lab furniture safely and efficiently so you don't have to. Call us for your next move!

Emergency Spill Response

**24 Hour Emergency Hotline Number:  (301) 309-0475 or Toll Free (800) 253-0749**

EMSI is proud to offer 24 Hour Emergency spill response. We have a 32 member, fully organized spill response team to respond to your emergency, with complete, dedicated mobilization units for oil and chemical emergencies, both on land and water. Our team is highly experienced in all types of incidents at a wide variety of customer locations. EMSI’s services include:

  • Fully organized spill response team
  • Complete dedicated mobilization units for land and water emergencies
  • Oil and chemical emergencies
  • Experience in various types of incidents at a wide variety of customer locations
  • CHEMTREC for-hire contractor under the CHEMTREC chemical emergency response network


Our field services group is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of site remediation and clean up. Our personnel can provide the following services:

  • Assess and restore your site
  • Contain and remove all contaminants
  • Perform demolition services
  • PCB cleanup and decontamination
  • PCB contaminated soil excavation, transportation and disposal
  • Removal, replacement and management of underground storage tanks (UST) and aboveground storage tanks (AST) projects
  • Site investigation and remediation to include groundwater and soil analysis and monitoring
  • Wastewater compliance work
  • Petroleum contaminated soil excavation, transportation and disposal

Onsite Enviroexpert

EMSI can help you find the perfect fit for your EH&S team. Whether you are looking for temporary part time for special EH&S projects or full time on-site help, our onsite enviroexpert is here to help! We can provide the following assistance to you:

  • Weekly Enviro Technician service to collect, consolidate, pack and manage waste at your site
  • Weekly Enviro Chemist or Technician to collect, consolidate, and manage your waste disposal program
  • A contract “Safety Officer”
  • Labeling of all containers
  • Inventory, approval, and manifesting of all waste containers
  • Supply of replacement containers and packing materials
  • Electronic tracking of all waste activity (profiles, shipments and manifests)
  • Preparation of reports required by your organization as well as by law
  • Waste minimization programs
  • A spill response team on call at all times
  • Compliance surveys and audits
  • EPA (RCRA) audits and inspections
  • Radiation audits and inspections
  • OSHA compliance audits
  • Laboratory safety inspections
  • Distribution/warehouse support
  • Chemical fume hood certification
  • Bio safety cabinet certification

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